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Twelfth Generation

2048. ROBERT ABERNATHY 1624 was born in 1624 in Banff, Scotland. elizabeth ferguson
2003-08-25 12:13:58
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Robert Abernethie/Abernathy/Ebernethell is on record as having arrived on these shores in 1652 as a single man, destined for 5 years of agricultural bondage, at the end of which time (and not before) he married Sara whose daugher is listed as Cubisha. Robert settled inland in the Virginia colony. There are many who attribute more than one son to Robert and Sara, but I do not believe there is any concrete evidence to support the existance of any except the Robert who (in 1704) was in possession of the same 100 acres of Virginia land purchased by the 1st Robert in 1667.

May I please know the source of your claim that this William was a son of Robert and Sara (Cubisha?) Abernathy?

source: to+WorldConnect%3C%2Fa%3E He died in Jan 1684/85 in Prince George Co., Virginia. He was born about 1624 near Perth, Scotland. He fought under Lord Leslie with t he Scots against Oliver Cromwell's roundheads at the Battle of Dunbar, and was taken prisoner. He was a minor officer and may have been distantly related to L ord Leslie. He was shipped with 1610 prisoners of war in 1652 to the Virginia c olonies, arrived at Jamestown, Va. where he served 4 years as an indentured ser vant . He learned the trade of growing, selling and trading tobacco. At the end of 4 years the Virginia authorities paid him a sum for his servitude, contrary to the wishes of the English authorities, and he used the money to send for hi s sweetheart in England, Sarah Cubishe or Cabbage, they were married in Charles City Co., about 1656, and Robert purchased some acreage on the James river, bu ilt a home and traded and grew tobacco. He died in January, 1684/85.

Facts about this person:

Burial 1695
Prince George Co., Virginia

ROBERT ABERNATHY 1624 and SARAH CUBISHA were married on 8 Apr 1657.

2049. SARAH CUBISHA was born in 1628 in Virginia. She died in 1686. Children were:


WILLIAM ABERNATHY was born in 1648 in Scotland. He died in 1718 in Wallingford, Connecticut. William Abernathy came to Wallingford from Branford. He was a native of
Scotl and, and was an active man among the settlers.





JAMES Abernathy 1658 was born in 1658.


DAVID ABERNATHY a 1660 was born about 1660.

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